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Sunday Scaries CBD

Finding the right CBD product for you can be tricky. Maybe you’re just being introduced to the compound, derived from the cannabis plant to deliver sensations like relaxation and pain alleviation, and you’re overwhelmed by the choices out there. Sometimes the texture of the edible isn’t right, the dosage doesn’t give you the desired effects, or you have no idea what company is worth supporting. Let us help you: the CBD company Sunday Scaries offers a wide range of products for your needs. Read on for more on how to find the perfect CBD for you, and a Sunday Scaries coupon code to get started in your CBD journey!

What are Sunday Scaries?

Sunday scaries” is something we’ve all experienced, but might not know the name for. It’s the feeling you get before a big week of work or school, that dreaded sensation you get on a Sunday where the pit of your stomach drops when you realize it’s time for the new week. Whether you’re watching a movie to relax, working out to “exorcise” the jitters, or getting ahead on work for the week, your Sunday night can go from scary to clarity with the right CBD pairing.

Who is Sunday Scaries CBD?

A bottle of gummy bears spilt on its side and a bottle standing upright with the text underneath saying CBD delivered to your door, shop now.

With this in mind, enter Sunday Scaries CBD, a company dedicated to the mindset that community and humor are the best medicine. Founded by Mike and Beau, two bar owners turned CBD advocates, Sunday Scaries crafts a fine line of products perfect for every type of person. Their line of products ranges from gummy bears and vegan gumdrops to tinctures and bath bombs.
CBD Gummy Bears

These CBD gummy bears contain 10 mg of CBD per bear, giving you the perfect dosage to take the edge off your day. Of course, if you need more, you can chew a second bear, upping the dosage to 20 mg. These gummies are a super solution for getting through a long Monday or even helping you fall asleep at night when your brain won’t stop worrying about the work week ahead. They are for both the CBD newbie and the pro looking to try a new product – and maybe even relive some childhood memories through the fun bear shape. No need to leave them at home, they fit beautifully with your lifestyle whether on the go, at work or even at the gym.

These bears also contain essential vitamins D3 and B12, both known to help regulate moods and increase energy. A lack of vitamin D3 can actually induce anxiety, so not only does taking this product ease your anxiety with CBD, but you are also replenishing your daily dose of D3 to ensure you receive the full effect.

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Vegan CBD Gumdrops

The text vegan approved on a banner with a bottle of gumdrops and gumdrops spelling out CBD.

CBD can be found within a variety of edibles, but finding the right vegan gummy can be really difficult, particularly as many gummy products are made with gelatins that include animal products. Fortunately, Sunday Scaries has perfected the vegan CBD gumdrop that leaves the gelatin behind.

These gumdrops also feature important vitamins B12 and D3, which some vegans often struggle with working into their diets. The lack of such vitamins might make some vegans more susceptible to anxiety and feelings of uneasiness, but these gummies will help calm you down and replenish your nutrients. No worries with the source of the vitamins, either, because these sour fruit-flavored drops are fully vegan.

Take two or three gumdrops as needed. Each drop contains 10mg of CBD and delivers a fun, relaxing experience that vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike can enjoy.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombs are a fun and different way to get your CBD. What purpose do bath bombs really serve, beyond filling your bath with a beautiful scent? Well, pop one in the bath and get ready for relaxation city: With CBD bath bombs, you’ll feel the tension slipping from your muscles while your skin is being nourished at the same time. These beauties are perfect for the long-haul hiker, the overenthusiastic gym rat, or the stressed-out employee. The sweet bear-shaped “Tub Cubs” will hit your bath with just the right touch of the bubbly.

Candy With A Cause

If you are looking for a way to switch up your CBD edibles, try Sunday Scaries’ latest creation, Unicorn Jerky. These rainbow-colored candy strips are a fun way to consume CBD, while still getting all the amazing benefits of a traditional tincture. They allow consumers to relax and manage daily stressors, but they also contribute to making the world a better place. Created to honor the memory of Julia, the late sister of Sunday Scaries co-founder Mike, Unicorn Jerky benefits the LGBTQ community. With every purchase of Unicorn Jerky, the company donates a dollar to The Trevor Project, the national leading organization dedicated to helping stop violence against and prevent suicide of LGBTQ youth.

What Product Is Right For Me?

Sunday Scaries CBD

A black sunday scaries box with a bottle of gummies, a bottle of gumdrops and a bottle of tincture underneath it.Still confused about which CBD product might be right for you? Sunday Scaries has you covered with their scary quiz. Answer a few simple questions to identify the perfect product for you based on your needs and current stressors. Enter your email for the results and get 15% off your first order.

Need more guidance? Try a bundle, which will provide you with a great deal and multiple products. Bundles are great for the indecisive shopper or someone who needs CBD help for more than one ailment. CBD isn’t one size fits all; everyone will have a different experience with each product, and the best way to really understand what works for you is to dive right in and try it yourself. Remember that not everyone needs multiple doses per day – be careful with your dosage as you discover the perfect amount for your body.

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With the wide variety of products and fun ways to chase the blues, we can say these CBD goodies are curing our Sunday Scaries. We hope they’ll do the same for you!

Have you tried Sunday Scaries CBD? Let us know about your favorite CBD products in the comments! If you buy something we link to on our site, Honeysuckle may earn a commission.

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