Gujarat Reports First Suspected Monkeypox Case In India | Delhi reported its fourth instance of monkeypox.

Monkeypox Case In India

Monkeypox Case In India outbreak latest update: With the alarming increase in cases of monkeypox in India, a gathering of the top experts in health was scheduled by the Centre on the necessity of review of the current guidelines on the management of monkeypox. The meeting will take place in the capital of the country. It will be led by L Swasticharan, director of Emergency Medical Relief (EMR) which is a division within the ministry of health which is charged with taking care of public health issues that have national or international significance. Doctor Pavana Murthy from the World Health Organisation (WHO) will also attend the high-level conference. The previous day, Delhi reported its fourth instance of monkeypox, taking the number of cases of the disease to nine

Monkeypox Case In India

With one additional case of Kerala and Delhi the India’s monkeypox total was 8. Monkeypox Case In India

A man aged 30 was the 5th person in Kerala to be positively for the disease in Kerala.

In a press release, Kerala Health Minister Veena George announced, “The infected person reached Kozhikode airport from the UAE on the 27th of July. He is currently receiving treatments in Malappuram. Four of his main contacts have been placed under surveillance.”

In Delhi the capital city of India, a 31-year old Nigerian citizen, who had no prior history of travel abroad was confirmed positive for the disease.

“Eight reports (of monkeypox) have been identified in the country to date and five of them had a past history of international travel. They’ve traveled between Dubai as well as Sharjah,” Union Health Minister Mansukh Mansukh Mandaviya stated in the Parliament. “We wrote to Dubai government asking them, if anyone is traveling from Dubai to do tracing and report the results to us in order to be able to monitor their movements. The airport is where we perform the thermal screen.”

However, as with Covid-19, as in the covid-19 pandemic, it’s evident as “even with thermal screening, some people take a paracetamol, go undetected, and enter the country”, He said.

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